Virtual Reality – Project floW

VR Virtual Reality. A topic that has been long overdue here on my platform. The way I see VR today is an encompassing collective of a vast variety of technologies. Ranging from Project Tango to HoloLens or HTC Vive to Daydream, Oculus Rift or Hypereal Pano and even then these but make up the tip […]

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Mercurial Unity User Guide

Hey @everyone, I hear you want some tips on how you can use TortoiseHg to interact with that online repository you created earlier. Alphe and I have gone and compiled a user guide to help you. Here’s how you shouldn’t do it – Your checklist before you get started accompanied by the corresponding URL’s: – […]

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Mercurial Unity Setup Guide

Hey everyone, I hear you need a way to setup an online repo for a unity project using mercurial as the version control. Well here’s how you shouldn’t be doing it. * Things you will need: – Unity Game Engine – Downloaded and Installed. – A Bitbucket – Registered Account. – Tortoise Hg – Downloaded […]

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