I have been getting a lot of questions regarding CTH recently and thought I’d bring some clarity to the subject for any future inquirers. To begin, CTH stands for ChillTimeHeroes as an acronym. As an idea it stands for a plethora of perspectives, a place for self growth and more than anything it is set in place to help progress in all its shapes and sizes.

How do you join?

Fill this in – https://goo.gl/2MhbR0

There is no requirement to meet if you want to join as there isn’t any commitment. We do what we do to reach new heights, to progress, to learn but most importantly to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the process. Whether it be a digital art piece, a game test, a rig build or a physical workout everyone has their own reason and sometimes those very reasons can intertwine. CTH is merely a catalyst for that. To become a face of this platform simply fill out the google form above or drop me a message and I’ll walk you through it we accept all kinds of ninjas into our fold.


So that’s what CTH is right now. What it will become only time can tell but I know that I’ll be working to make it a World Class Community that strives for greatness one project at a time. I hope I have answered any queries you may have had if I haven’t just get in touch.

Where we go calm vibes follow. – 2016, Day of CTH Founding in Lanzerote

(CTH Christmas 2016 Roster)

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