So as you may all know I’ve recently visited Graz and took part in the first stage of #tugamedev 2017 but more on that later, today we focus on one of my counterparts art so here goes.

Pixel Soldier.

I’m sure that I speak for all of us when I say that pixels are the more finer things in things in life. Now taking it back a few steps I got to meet some cool people in Graz. One of them happened to be a developer in the indie Studio of AAwesome (Accidently Awesome) named Anton.


A merry old chat later and I was busy playing one of his new titles. Couldn’t complain, it was full of pixels. Pixels that I liked. Pixels that you can only find in a title called Pixel Soldier. The bosses were challenging giving it a further feel of that cool GameBoy 1:1 era and the art direction was themed towards a more “bit-like” approach that I adore.

(Physics Mechanics Inc.)

It’s not their first title and will definitely not be the last so go check em out @, they’re cool and they do the good work.

(Play Store Inbound, Soon)

Gameplay Courtesy of Anton Klinger Himself. You go Girl
– MannyJammy, Over’n’Out

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