I’m only in my fledgling days of both Game Development and Design especially so when it comes to Virtual Reality(VR). While I’m here I thought it’d be nice to outline who or what lead me to start. So as to shine a little spotlight it was a video by a at-the-time-master-student at Ravensbourne by the name of Mike Alger.

Mike Alger has shown a lot through his research and presented it with the finesse that makes me appreciate his work just that much more. If you’re interested in VR Development in the slightest I ask you to watch it, for your own benefit.

The Basis ..

Mike Alger, Google I/O 2016 and YouTube which allowed access to these resources were all key learning curves. Learning curves that allowed me to gain a foundation in order to start working on my own projects.

I started with basic world creation as per a few guidelines. A world that could act as a menu instance. Somewhere between the game and the loading screen. The challenge lay in designing something believable without a high graphical resource requirement in order to make it available to mobile VR users.

That’s something I will cover in my upcoming Dev Update so for now I’ll end with a shout out to Mr. Alger. He’s cool. –

(Credit: Mike Alger)

– MannyJammy, Till Next Time

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