The Mighty Nintendo Switch,”Oooh”. It’s good like really good. I managed to pick it up during the stock drought along with a copy of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and have been having a blast playing ever since it got through the door.

Devil’s Advocate

All the really vocal petty “issues” about it fly out the Hylian door once you insert that game cartridge and immerse yourself into the fantastical world of Hyrule. Mind you the only issues I have experienced were a few frame drops in the more expansive regions of the game. They were issues, yes but they did not take away from the experience in the slightest. Merely hiccups in my opinion. The actual hardware is within my parameters of acceptance so you have that.

(Thumbe-Roo Loop-a-Roo)

The lineup looks promising as it stands right now with a bunch of indie titles on the horizon alongside the heavy hitters such as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Skyrim which I’m looking forward to. First things first though, I want to defeat Ganon, and since this is my first Zelda game I definitely will.

(Just Tap Continue.. You Don’t Have Responsibilities)

I’ll be taking this compact red package to Graz, Austria where I’ll get my fair share of play-time so I will keep you informed if I make any revelations. This has been mannyjammy giving you an initial feel of the Nintendo Switch.

You can pick your little beast up @Amazon –
& Zelda Breath of the Wild –

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  • Eread Bater

    Why didn’t you show Just Dance 2017?


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