This little project is a personal one. It’s out here to give you an alternative NFC medium to sharing details with the curious that you encounter on your travels, meetups or gatherings instead of spending on “business cards”.

The Old

At the end of the day relying on physical stock to transport data is not something I am willing to invest in because data is ever changing. Ink on Paper is not. The phrase “Here’s my card but let me scribble out the number because…” has entered my ears more than a couple of times.


Near Field Communication is a common technology used in the majority of phones and has been a big part of the market since Samsung’s S3 “Beam” which could transfer files across phones in a close proximity. Now my ring “run-throughs” have focused on the NFC capable Android side of the market. So Windows Phones and Blackberries are still up to debate, until I get my hands them.

The Combo

Combine NFC with a ring and you have yourself a small, portable and “handy” data medium. Now since these guys have been out for a while you can pick one up for about £20 – @Amazon –

(Oni Ring + NFC Jakcom Ring)

Now when I bind a URL to that very ring using the ring’s own app. Each time I swipe that ring close to an NFC reader it opens up the URL of the website I bound it to, in my case it’s but any mobile optimised website should do. The beauty of this is that you can change it on the go and bump it to anyone with an nfc capable phone without touching their touch screen.

(or Use your Fist & Punch Phone)

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