Hey everyone, I hear you need a way to setup an online repo for a unity project using mercurial as the version control. Well here’s how you shouldn’t be doing it. *

Things you will need:
Unity Game Engine – Downloaded and Installed.
A Bitbucket – Registered Account.
Tortoise Hg – Downloaded and Installed.
Webcam – Shameless Amazon Associate Plug.

The Mercurial Unity Setup Guide

Step 0; Sign into Bitbucket –
Step 1; Create a new Mercurial Repository

Step 2; Create a Team & Add its Members.

Step 3; Allocate User Access.

Step Four; Open TortoiseHg Workbench –

Step 5; Define the local project repository. (Print out a sticker with the target location, stick it on your forehead and take a photo of it using your newly acquired webcam then send it to us with the #WhoNeedsReposAnyway

Step 6; Define the .hgignore file found in your local project repo by pasting the ignore list found below into it using notepad. (If you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t be reading this. You have been warned.)

syntax: glob

syntax: regexp

Step 7; Enter the Sync Tab (Click the Two Green Arrows).

Step 8; Paste your Bitbucket Repo URL into the text input alongside the Floppy Disk Icon.

Step 9; Save this Path by clicking said Floppy Disk.

Step 10; Enter the Commit Tab (One Green Tick)

Step 11; Refresh file list and select/check all new files.

Step 12; Annotate, Commit & Add Untracked Files.

Step 13; Push this New Commit.

Step 14; Input Bitbucket Login Credentials and you’re set.

Step Fifteen; Open Unity –

Step 16; Create a new Unity Project in the pre-defined local repository space.

Step 17; On the settings Go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor > Version Control > and select PlasticSCM.

Step 18; Just sit there and hope for the best haha; Give it a test spin. See if it works and let me know if it doesn’t ~

* Take note as this setup does not allow you to work on the same Unity scene simultaneously. Anyone with better methods / suggestions please do “hit us up”.

A Disclaimer of Sorts

Our particular Mercurial Unity Setup may not be the best but it is a working solution. We have also made a user guide for the non set-up uppers here.

Brought to you by Alphe and MannyJammy, Over ‘n’ Out
P.S Don’t try this at home.

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