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It’s been a busy April. To start off this little update I have to announce that I’m nearing the end of my undergrad life as a student. More of an end to the undergraduate part rather than the students’. I hope to continue delving deeper into virtual reality and all its wonderful goodness. With the submission of the dissertation regarding Project – floW I’m more determined than ever.

(Primitive Submission Methods: Posted)

I’ll be sure to publish the paper here once It has passed the exam board. That way I will receive the opportunity to straighten out any shortcomings its submission uncovers. To give you a short description it’s a project that delves into virtual reality interface design through the eyes of an android reticule. More on it later though –

Vidya Gamez

Game-wise I’ve been preoccupied with Dawn of War 3, having participated in the beta it won me over just like its predecessors. This was done with no small thanks to the amazing back story that the authors of black library have given it. Andromeda has also seen some game time albeit not as much.

(Just Beneath the Ice)

Have to shamelessly state that I have also joined the knife ownership club on CSGO –

(‘Taste the Rainbow’).

Crypto-currency has played some part in my downtime where I have been furiously researching the potential “set & forget” investment targets. I could write a dissertation on the topic alone but If you are curious I suggest doing your own research and crunching those numbers before coming to a conclusion.

Fresh updates Inc. This means more articles for you. Starting with Project – MythMountain, the collaborative of TuGameDev2017. Stay tuned ~

MannyJammy, Over ‘n’ Out

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