This post will briefly cover the mini-improvement of the original Yoga Tab; The device that has filled the role of an e-reader and the tinkering that has gone into it to make it more useful. The TLDR will consist of rooting and bloatware cleanup.

If you’d like to check out the original intro post you can do so here – @Tech Chronicles ft.Yoga 8 B6000 Intro

Yoga B6000 Update

A few weeks back the android workshop re-commenced with my good friend Alistair. We tinkered with more than half a dozen or so devices and managed to get some promising results.

The Lenovo Yoga B6000 was one of the well treated few. It received root privileges which in turn allowed for the installation of titanium backup. That in turn allowed for a thorough analysis and removal of all unnecessary applications.

(It’s Tactical Too)

I would have liked to install a custom ROM on the device but due to the age and specs of the kit it was not a viable option.


The Yoga B6000 will be going into retirement as a solely dedicated e-reader with a estimated bank of 36 hours on a single charge. A target it has hit without fail.

(36 Hours of Reading)

A new shiny case should keep it protected from the worst drops. The tempered glass should keep the screen scratch free for a few years longer. Or so I hope.

(Black was Out of Stock)

It’s surprising what a little bit of tinkering can do to breathe back new life into a device that would have otherwise become obsolete.

Brought to you by MannyJammy & Alistair
Have a good day tinkerer.

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