The Yoga Tablet 8

The Lenovo Yoga 8″ B6000 has been my companion e-reader since the days of BA work at Lenovo. It was the device that got me through A Song of Ice & Fire by G.R.R Martin. The key outlying strength was not in a crazy processor or an amazing display but the good battery-life. A battery of 6000mAh that allowed it to survive a whole weekend of work has put it in my good books ever since I started using it.

(Cheeky Wolf is Cheeky)

Sure it has aged a little but that doesn’t make it any less reliable. If you’re a performance monger and want to mine bitcoin on your tab then this device isn’t for you. However if you desire an e-reader that can do more if need be then this device is worth considering. It has a nice unique feel and a sturdy stand that comes at no extra cost or hassle as it is built in.

(Do a Yoga Roll)

I’ll be doing more of these tech intros as I want you guys to know what I use on a bi-daily basis. As I have plenty of mini improvements planned it only makes sense that I start by introducing the devices that are going to benefit from them so I’ll leave you with some specs.


OS – Android v4.2 JellyBean
CPU – Quad-Core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7
GPU – PowerVR SGX544
PPI – 189

If you’re interested in buying one I’d recommend checking out the current gen iteration –
-MannyJammy, Over’n’Out

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