I hear you like gifs. GIF – (Graphics Interchange Format). The widely supported and portable image format that along with much of the internet; I have come to adore. We have Steve Wilhite and his team to thank for that. Kudos to them.

When I say “gif” or “gifs” I’m referring to the animated iterations. Ones that you see peppered throughout my articles and sites just like the one below.

(From The Mini Project – “90 Days of Doodah”)

Now you know some background info I’ll be giving you some useful tools that I use in order to make my own short animated bursts of creativity.

Your Toolset (Minus Photoshop)

Boomerang; An app for creating perfectly looped videos via your mobile phone. It also allows you to export those videos into gif format when sharing to whatsapp. App Link – Google Play Store

Photoscape; Image manipulating software that allows me to batch edit images and create “gifs” out of them. It has a lot of other features that I haven’t gotten round to exploring so it’s worth checking out. Download Link – CNET

KMPlayer; The desktop media player that I use in order to extract video frames from scenes of shows that I want on my tumblr blog. Link – http://www.kmplayer.com/ *

Ezgif.com; A gif-makers hub of a site. It has everything you could possibly need to make some cool creations. Link – https://ezgif.com/

* KMPlayer installation “.exe” files come with pre-packaged bloatware that are optional to install. If you don’t want to install junk on your machine I suggest paying attention to the installation process.

(- 24 Hour DK -)

Hope these help ~
MannyJammy, Over ‘n’ Out
PS. This post was brought to you thanks to the questions asked by the ladies and gents at my gif outlet on tumblr. You can check them out @ mannyjammy.tumblr.com I’m more than happy to take questions. We’re all learners here.

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