Virtual Reality – Project floW

VR Virtual Reality. A topic that has been long overdue here on my platform. The way I see VR today is an encompassing collective of a vast variety of technologies. Ranging from Project Tango to HoloLens or HTC Vive to Daydream, Oculus Rift or Hypereal Pano and even then these but make up the tip […]

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“Little” Update

Gifs aside. It’s been a busy April. To start off this little update I have to announce that I’m nearing the end of my undergrad life as a student. More of an end to the undergraduate part rather than the students’. I hope to continue delving deeper into virtual reality and all its wonderful goodness. […]

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#PeopleGoals – VR – Mike Alger

Beginnings I’m only in my fledgling days of both Game Development and Design especially so when it comes to Virtual Reality(VR). While I’m here I thought it’d be nice to outline who or what lead me to start. So as to shine a little spotlight it was a video by a at-the-time-master-student at Ravensbourne by […]

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