#PeopleGoals – VR – Mike Alger

Beginnings I’m only in my fledgling days of both Game Development and Design especially so when it comes to Virtual Reality(VR). While I’m here I thought it’d be nice to outline who or what lead me to start. So as to shine a little spotlight it was a video by a at-the-time-master-student at Ravensbourne by […]

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NFC Rings – Paperless Byte Sized Data Medium

This little project is a personal one. It’s out here to give you an alternative NFC medium to sharing details with the curious that you encounter on your travels, meetups or gatherings instead of spending on “business cards”. The Old At the end of the day relying on physical stock to transport data is not […]

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Nintendo Switch

The Mighty Nintendo Switch,”Oooh”. It’s good like really good. I managed to pick it up during the stock drought along with a copy of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and have been having a blast playing ever since it got through the door. Devil’s Advocate All the really vocal petty “issues” about it fly out […]

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Project ChillTimeHeroes

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding CTH recently and thought I’d bring some clarity to the subject for any future inquirers. To begin, CTH stands for ChillTimeHeroes as an acronym. As an idea it stands for a plethora of perspectives, a place for self growth and more than anything it is set […]

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